Oh, you are the famous one! She smiles! Known by many, yes, better than most, no! I smiled back. What is fame anyway? I asked. And why do so many go to abnormal lengths to get it, only in the end wish they never found it? Sure, I’ve found a little success in my life. Sure, the spot light has been shown on me a time or two. Sure a few more people know who I am more than the average Joe. But, what is fame anyway?

Fame is the urning to be heard or seen. And we all have that, inside us. For me, I wanted to be heard more than seen. I grew up to believe my words never mattered. So, I strived to be heard through words. Well that’s not exactly true. My career started off being seen rather than heard. Bodybuilding found me and turned into a vehicle of show rather than words. Until it almost killed me. Giving it all up over night, life changed instantly. For the first time I realized the power of the story. If I were willing to just willing to be authentic through a story line, then maybe others would be inspired. More importantly I learned that while a story may be about the individual, the inspiration on the other end was about many others, maybe thousands. 






What is fame anyway? Fame is moving peoples souls without even speaking. We live in a world today of mostly words, rather than actions. Just think what our surroundings would be like if we like, acted before we talked about it? What if you showed unconditional love rather than blowing smoke? What is fame anyway? Fame is knowing many, but liked by a few. And that’s ok. Today, we talk more than act. We blow smoke where there’s no fire. Today, our urning to be heard is just that, no substance behind the urning. What is fame anyway? Known by many due to your actions not your words. Thats true notoriety! Let your actions speak so loud that when you do talk, they really don’t hear your words for your actions. What is fame anyway? It’s known by many for your actions rather than your words.

The Mentor