The Calculated One

Never judge a book by the cover and never judge a person by their inactions. Every watch a fox? They are always bee lining it somewhere. It’s like that nose is pointed and they are on a mission. No distractions, no worries, just a destination or quest in mind. And they never seem to be running, just easy going, sly, right? But what happens before you see the fox? What are they thinking? Crazy like a fox! How about smart like one? Every move, every thought of a fox is calculate. But, first they wait! They think it through, almost like they let nature come to them. We could learn much from the beast of our land.

The Planning One

The smartest are not always the swiftest. Ask the Hair about that. The smartest are not always the runners, but the thinkers. The smartest, rest, think and then act. Every see a skinny fox? Not likely! Always well nourished, rested and alert. We can learn much from the animals of our world. When’s the last time you sat for a while, then thought about a plan, followed by action? Cannot remember can you? And you never seem to keep up with everything in your life. And your always under nourished, tired and in a reactive state of mind.

The Calm Collected One

One of my first golf lessons the instructor said to me, “Every time you get ready to tee off, I want you to stalk the ball!” Excuse me! I’m not a wolf, nor am I my ex girlfriend. LOL No I want you to look at the ball, take a breath and slowly approach it, calmly setting your self up to swing. Instead of rushing up there and doing a Happy Gilmore on it! Guess what? It worked, as crazy as that might look and sound.

You see it’s not always the obvious that are the smartest. In most cases its the quiet calculated types that leverage their time, energy and abilities in life getting more out of it that others. Try it sometime. It will be both the smartest most affective thing for your life and those around you will also think you may be a little cunning too.

The Mentor