You know what they say about opinions? Yep, like colons, everyones got one! In today’s world, opinions mean more than facts. Years ago, a hand shake of trust would suffice. Boy times have changed. So have the importance of pleasing others and being accepted. Since when does someone else’s opinion is more important than truth or principle? Since when has the human spirit been so afraid of hurting others feelings or fear of being rejected mean so much? Since when is sacrificing ones self worth more important than the truth?

The truth of the matter is, you trust others opinion over your own. You are so desperate in gaining others approval of yourself that you are willing to day in and day out be the sacrificial lamb. I know! I did it for years and lost my soul in the process. Only in the end to realize others didn’t give a rats behind about me in all ways; family, friends or foe. I also learned that people pleasers are the most unhappy of them all.

You want to be happy and at peace? Follow your gut and find out the facts before anything. There’s no stretch in doing so! You want principle in life, build a foundation of not listening to others. You want clarity and simplicity in your life, acceptance yourself for who you are. You want a well rounded life? Build your own bridge absence of others opinions.

The Mentor