Like Attracts Like

Like attracts like! Like it or not! Life is a mirror of sorts, a reflection of absolute truth. Like it or not! You ain’t happy with life, then look in the mirror. Like the view or not! That to which is likened to is drawn! In other words, you get what you give; in actions, words, thought and feelings. If you like it, you are drawn to it. If you don’t like it, it is drawn to you. Make sense? Probable not! A little over most head, this is. Most just complain about life, instead of facing it. Most point fingers else where, rather than change their thoughts and feelings about something.

Change Your Perspective

We live in a world of total attraction. We do not insert ourselves into anything. We draw everything unto us! We get exactly what we expect in life, good or bad. You don’t like your life, then you got to change the perspective of how you see it. I went from poverty to financial and emotional freedom, by changing one thing, my perspective of my life. And I did it over night it seemed. Your mirror of a life is not about any other person, its all about you.

Simplicity, Clarity and Expectancy

Keep life simple. Eliminate the drama and chaos as much as you can. Be clear in your thinking and what you want in life. And the most important, expect good things. Expect good people to be around you. Expect a life half full rather than half empty. You get in life what you expect. Plain and simple!

The Mentor