Life is a Mirror

You want to know where you will be in five years? Look at your five closest friends. You will be a mirror image of them, spiritually, habitually, financially even. Like it or not, you are likened to those around you. Blame the dog if you like, but the honest to GOD truth is, you become who you spend the most of your energy with. The strongest of willed personality falls prey to those around them, good or bad habits.

Life is a Mindset

At the beginning of my career I wanted to make a certain amount of money. So I interviewed a few of my peers that were making some serious cash. I modeled them and became like them.On the contrary about ten years later, fell into a self sabotaging mindset, hanging around victim mentalities, entitled people. Good people, just misguided in their thinking. Next thing I realized I was spiraling downward in every area of my life. Changed my peers and friends, changed my life. Does this mean I see myself better than others? Not in the least. You can still like someone and treat them kindly, without spending that much time with them. Different people, different times in life, different mindsets. No biggie, just different.

Life is a Choice

If you are not where you want to be in life, or have what you desire to have, then look at the circle of influence around you; its a mirror. If you don’t like your situation, you have to set some healthy mental boundaries, like it, like them or not. “Well, I am afraid I will hurt their feelings! Well, what if they get mad at me? Well, what if they have leverage and knowledge they may use against me? Well, what if I am lonely after that? SO WHAT! SO WHAT! SO WHAT! How much is changing your situation instantly, meaningful to you? Nothing changes in your life until something changes. You have a choice in everything you do, especially your influential circle. Take it from me, broke or rich you will be with the friends and family that follows thee!

The Mentor