How sweet it is!

They say, “You are only as good as your last golf shot!” Humbling and a rush, golf is all at the same time. Every shot gives you the potential to hit that so called “Sweet Spot” or go look for it in the woods somewhere. If you are a golfer, you know it when you hit it. You know when that ball comes off the club, you’ve either hit that meaty part of the club or not. Every shot is different, every shot the goal is the same; hit that sweet juicy part of the club!

Life, golf, many times hard to tell the difference! Life; every moment you have the potential to swing, that chance to make a difference or not. That chance to hit one right down the middle of the fairway or shank it left or right into the rough part of your life’s course. There’s something attractive and at times addictive to the adrenalin you get when you every once in a while hit your sweet spot.

The Yardage In Between

In golf, you have to measure the distance between where the ball lies and where you want it to end up! You want the flight of the ball go the shortest and straightest distance between points A and B. And in doing so, some would say, its in that area of the game, that matters most. In the gap between “knowing and having!”

There’s something peaceful, energizing, hopeful in that space between knowing deep down in your heart that it’s coming and when you have it in your grasp. There’s something, soulful just knowing that you know that you know, life is going to be ok. May not be the straightest path, but in the end you will have a peace about the entire thing. So how do you kit that spot, that “Sweet” part of life every time you swing.

We all WHIFF at times!

First, its ok if if you don’t hit it all the time. It’s ok if life is not perfect and straight, you place your stance and take another swing at your situation. First thing is to acknowledge that its ok to whiff or miss the ball once in a while. That’s all part of it.

Decide to Follow Through

Second, the follow through. If you make a decision to do something, following through on your promises. Make the decision and then make the decision right. If you have to take ten thousand swings at the ball to learn how to hit the sweet spot more often, then you take one swing at a time. The ball wont go any farther if you lift your head up. The club takes care of that. Keep your head down, grind it out, you miss, you swing again and again and again. It’s not about how hard you try or swing, its about working smart hitting that spot. \

Knowing is Believing

Life will go where your focus is. You want the ball to go straight, then focus on it going straight. You focus on the sand pits in your life, then life will take you there. Knowing comes from life experiences. Words don’t teach as much as getting out there and swinging. Enough swings will teach you how to see your path, how to know in your heart you’re on the right path for you. The “Sweet” spot of life, you’ll know it when you hit it. And when you do, having what you wanted in the first place won’t be as gratifying as the swing itself.

Life… sweet it is!

The Mentor