Jesus has traded in his loin cloth for a lab coat!

This blog may come across like I’m mad. Well, I am. For thirty plus years I’ve seen all this medical mess coming. I’ve preached, teach a reached for anyway possible to get people’s attention of what now maybe is too late to do anything about. Strike that, I’m still optimistic for a selected few, but the majority of people live in denial and swim in too much pride to even do anything about their health proactively. Enough is enough, it’s time to start asking some tough questions to and of our health care providers, professionals and pill pushers. But, I warn you, when you do start firing away, these GOD minded creatures are going to come out a swinging; bruised egos and all.

Assumptions are Kill You

Since when is it wrong to question a doctor? Maybe, due to the fact we don’t the state of medicine is where it is? Are we just to take a medical professionals word for it, because they are wearing a stethoscope around their neck as a status symbol? Sorry to break it to ya doc, but you’re not GOD and never will be! For so long people have treated doctors as GODs and now they have come to believe they are. And if you even question them, how dare you? For years most have assumed doctors have all the right life saving answers. Well the ugly true is, they may have less answers or I should say knowledge than the front dest assistant at your local GNC. Well that may be a stretch considering most GNC attendants have not a clue what even an anti oxidant is. Do you know that 90% of all doctors have only had one credit hour of nutrition in school. But, most meet weekly with the regional pharmaceutical rep for pain killer pitches? So I would suggest that you start asking some serious questions to your health care professionals and stop assuming anything. Because what you don’t know is killing you already.

Time to Know the Truth

Hey doc, just because I ask you a few background questions doesn’t mean you should get defensive. I’m entrusting you with my life, don’t you think I have the right to question? Or maybe not! You see doctor, your lab coat does not represent fear, death or authority to me. It represents a door to question your motives, intentions, education upon my visit. You see doc, the publics assumptions have a small part to blame in the health state of our world. Most have assumed you would have our best interest in mind in helping us, but time, numbers and the profits of your bed partners the drug companies have proven that the GOD complex you live in is the thing really killing us, not preventing us from sickness. You see doc, I’m not here for a long term relationship, give me options other than drugs and I will be on my healthier way. Empower me, don’t enable me with your good samaritan your way or the highway advice. Allow me to weed through the sales job and see the common sense of it all by asking you the questions I should have many many years ago.

I don’t want your words on a prescription pad doc, I want your history, conscience and preventative advice so I don’t have to come and listen to your lies that you truly want me healthier. So from now on I’m going to ask you to shoot it to me straight and stop telling me a bunch of medical jargon paid for by your bed fellows that I could care less about. I want the truth, even if you cannot handle it. Because, its obvious doc your way is not working. It’s time you come back down to earth from Heaven doc and get off your GOD complex, because based off your suicidal rate, even the real GOD is having a tough time reaching you.

The Mentor