What’s GOOD Money Anyway?

I’m making GOOD money! He says. What the heck is “good” money anyway? Webster says, “GOOD” money is hard earned money. Second question, why does money have to be hard earned? Is this the standard now, you have arrived in life when you start making what every good money is to you and you worked hard to get it? If that’s the case, I don’t want your good money, I want my REAL Money!

Fake news, fake money now? You say! Matter of perception, yes! What’s good money to some is nothing to others. Good money attitudes these days are just survival low expectation, hopeless mentalities. If making GOOD money for you is your life goal, great, it’s just not mine. I’m not on this earth to work forty years for another only to have very little in the bank in the end to show for it and never have gotten out of my drive way to see the world. Yuck! Good money in the end will never keep you a float.

What’s REAL Money Anyway?

Real money is money that works hard for you, not you for it. REAL money is money that is leveraged in order for you to live without pressure and in peace. Most never see REAL money, because they one, have no idea what it is. Two, they have no idea that they are worth such. And three, they have no idea they are capable of making REAL money no matter they current life situation. REAL money.

How to get REAL Money

Not at a job thats for sure. Acquiring REAL money you will not get working for someone else. Oh, you may make GOOD money, but you’re still the slave to them. You are still not calling your own shots, and you’re still living in a hole only to retire broke. REAL money comes from leveraging, building networks and relationships. It’s about finding a vehicle so to speak to leverage your time and efforts.

Good for you, if having a job is your thing. Good for you if just getting by is your thing. Me? My reality is making REAL money so I can enjoy the fruits of this life. For me, having the time choice to do what ever I want, when ever I want, with whom ever I want is what REAL money provides for me. So the next time you say, “I’m making GOOD money” ask yourself, “I’m I living a GOOD life or an enslaved one?”

The Mentor