Making it is most of the Fret! A decision that is. Every notice how much of the pressure is off once you decide on something? In golf, the most important skill is the follow through of the swing. In life, following through on after a decision is equally as important.

Flipping the Switch

I have always maintained that while goals in life will change, the decision behind them should not. Like flipping a light switch on. Once I made the decision, I never turned back, no matter the challenge or the time it took to accomplish it. A decision was like a promise to me, that I could never break. Once the light was on, full steam ahead. Goals should be flexible, but the reason and conviction behind them, should be deep rooted.

The Key

The key to any decision is understanding that it will not be perfect along the way. Things will come up, turns will need to be made, but in the end you make it right, the decision that is!

The mentor