Living in a PMS Cesspool

Not just for women anymore! PMS that is! Listen to most around you, heck listen to yourself, man or woman and you swear PMS is running rampant! Complain, complain, complain! For some reason people think complaining will make themselves feel better. Really? How’s that working for ya? With most today, the world is ending, shrinking and burning up! Seriously? Who has time to think about all this nonsense? Most! Really? Your cramps of a mental picture of your life and those around you only make a month long misery rather than a two day event! And for some unknown reason, you add to it, by blaming everybody and the dog, in lieu of looking in your morning mirror. Really?

Personal Mental Accountability

Sooner or later that cesspool you’re swimming in, gets a little to thick, nasty and darn right unhealthy, don’t you think? Sooner or later don’t you think its about time you end blaming the dog for your life by taking some Personal Mental Accountability? One time, just one time, step outside of yourself and listen to the vile, judgmental, self righteous, condescending words spewing out your lips! And you wonder why your life is where it is! Seriously? Sooner of later the words have to change. The thoughts have to change.

Thoughts to Action

Half full or half empty, look at the world as you wish. But, don’t your dare point your finger at another for your PMSING! You think your life sucks, it most likely will start to sooner or later. You complain about your partner, spouse, lover, sooner or later they will give you a real reason to have cramps! You want to change your life, start thinking different. Start thinking life owes you nothing. Start appreciating verses complaining. Your thoughts control your words. Your words, guide your actions. Listen, just listen for a few how you talk. No wonder, no one wants to be around you. No wonder abundance, prosperity, love, joy never comes around. You blame them? Yikes! Toxic you are! You want a different life, rid the cramps and PMSing and substitute it with PMA, personal mental accountability. And guess what, you’ll feel better about yourself too.

The Mentor