Life is a Choice

I’ve learned the hard way, that every action in life has a reaction. I’ve taken the path with the most resistance at times in my life, with the choices I have made. And that’s the biggest thing I’ve learned; we all have a choice. My cup was half empty years ago and that’s where I was spending my energy focusing upon. All I could think about was, what I did not have, or the past mistakes I had made. Every morning I was choosing a mindset that was not serving me very well. It seemed the more I focused on the bottom half of the glass the more, or I should say, less I got out of life. Today, people at times think I’m un sympathetic or lack empathy at times. Nope! I just know too much now. I just know one thing. You and I have a choice!

Life is a Perspective

Boy, this is the truth. You can take two people with the same situation, with two different views of the matter and have two totally different outcomes. I see it every day. Why? One choices to see the top of the glass, the other the bottom. And when they do, they get more of the same. it’s that simple! They both have the same choice in the morning, but one chooses a path much different than the other. It matters not your circumstances or economic situation, what matters is your view of it.

Life is a Appreciative Thing

What filled my cup up quicker than anything was one little thing; Appreciation. Yep! Cup half empty, be appreciative. Cup filling up, be appreciative. When I chose to be appreciative for what I already had, GOD and the world gave me more. It may sound too easy to you. In theory it is easy, but it does take mental exercise. Life is a matter of perspective. And you and I have a choice. Get up drinking from the overflowing cup, or the bone dry one. All I know is, I now have the power every moment of every day, no matter the circumstances to change it all!

The Mentor