The problem is you think you have time! “Budda”

Yep! And most if not all of you will someday say yourself in the mirror, “Why?” Why did I not do the things I feared? Why did I not do the things I wanted to do? Why did I listen to others when I should have listened to my gut? Why? What was my why? What was my purpose anyway? Why oh why?

Today, all most think about is getting to “Hump Day,” then its TGIF, then it’s Monday bi-polar mood swing of regret, then repeat. If this is you, then you’ve lost your purpose in life. Or never found one in the first place. My question ism “Why?” I deal with dementia and Alzheimer’s patient daily. Some have more of a purpose than many without. At least they have a purpose of survival. You, someday’s don’t even care about that. I went to Cirques Du Soleil last night. Wow! the creativity was oozing. I thought afterwards we are born to create things, not regurgitate them. Most, over and over and over do the same ole thing, only to in the end, regret most things they did not do! Seriously? Is this a way to live? Do you really think you have all the time in the world to hang around complaining, pointing fingers and puking up the past?

Don’t you think it’s about time you joined a circus? A time in your life of creating something new? It’s hump day, why not make it “Jump” day?

The Mentor