Doctors, don’t want you healthy?

Disease at it’s all time high. So are the profits of the Big Pharma Prescription Drug industry. While either of these should not be a shocker in themselves, but the education behind your doctor should shock the (*&*(*&*( out of you! In all the years of schooling and hundreds of thousands of dollars in education and your doctor knows absolutely nothing about preventing you from the disease you fear. In all the years of their schooling they are trained in drug prescription, not natural means of prevention. So that begs the questions, “Do they even want you healthy? And two, “Why are you listening to someone who knows mostly nothing?”

These are serious questions to ask. If your doctor is only conditioned to put a bandaid on a bleeder so to speak by giving you a poison drug, then why are you listening to them? Oh yes, they have a lab coat on and a degree in sickness, not wellness. The next time you go to the doctor, listen to their first question, “Do you have any pain?” Not hows your lifestyle, diet, exercise program going. Now, my doctor friends would debate the questions, but they cannot defend their profession in their lack of teaching prevention. The other fact is,medical doctors are the most unhealthy profession there is. Most suicides also. So I ask you again, “Who are you listening too? And Do you really think they want you off pain killers?

The Mentor