Most are dumbfounded, many disgraceful and mainly only a handful are different! Sounds harsh for my profession, doesn’t it? I never shy away from the truth, nor will I this time. You offended by my three decade observation, then look in the mirror; the ugly truth brings that out in people! Ninety eight percent of personal trainers are broke and there are just as many reasons why.

The Dumbfounded

Most Personal Trainers are dumbfounded when they realize, if they ever do, that being successful as a trainer is more about people skills than reps or sets. Most have not a clue on what it takes to rise to the top of your profession with this thing called customer service. The dumbfounded trainer thinks they know everything or say anything from day one. They hardly even know the basis of nutrition, or how to take a heart rate. The dumbfounded trainer is a part time at best!

The Disgraceful

Many Personal Trainers are just darn right a disgrace to the profession. From business to customer commonsense they have none. Purpose or principle driven not even on the radar. Heck many cannot even dress the part. Please do the profession a favor and go do something else.

The Different

On the other hand there are a handful of Personal Trainers today who have their *^(**(&*(& together. Business minded, people skills, purpose driven and dedicated to making themselves better and stand out from the crowded PT want-to-be’s! Those Persona Trainers who want to be different, will reap the rewards that the other 98% will not. Commonsense, purpose and passion will always prevail! My hats off to you!

If you want to be in the top 3% of all the personal trainers out there, be different, not dumbfounded or disgraceful!