Floating along, minding your own business and wham!!!! Out of the fog it hits you, or almost hits you! It is in these times we stand, take a breath and say, Thank You GOD!

There’s not a scarier sound than that of a crashing sheet mental and screeching tires coming from your rear view mirror. The last two weeks, two close calls! This morning, too close for comfort! “Protect me, my family and friends,” I pray to GOD each morning! And as well, when I get a new vehicle I pray that GOD protects it for as long as I own the thing. Yep,she was texting, and yep she never saw the car right behind me stop. “This is going to leave a mark,” I thought as I saw her coming in my side mirror. The lady in back of me, never saw her coming and wham!!!! For the next few hours all I could think about was, how much GOD has protected me, my family and friends. And thats just what I can remember experiencing. What about the thousands of other times that GOD protected me from harms way that I won’t know about until Heaven.

Our greatest of Blessings are not always in front of us to see, but those left behind us that we cannot. Thank you LORD for what I don’t know about nor want to know. Close calls are surely reminders of this. Thank you LORD for the miracles in the darkness of my world that I cannot see. Today, tomorrow and the next, take a moment and say thanks. Thanks for the miracles in your own life that you did not see. Say thanks for the things left behind in your life as much as those set before you. For someday, down from Heaven you will surely see GOD had His hand of protection on your life every moment of your days.

The Messenger