I once was embarrassed to tell this story, but today, I am not! Why? Because thousands have benefited from my story of how I rose from the ashes deep in debt and homeless to a six figure income in less than 24 months. Looking back it wasn’t all that hard, but it did take a mental discipline. Looking back that lessons learned are far more valuable than money. Looking back I had to basically change one thing and everything changed in an instant. Here are come of the steps i took to go from financial despair living in my care to a very very healthy income and lifestyle free of debt.

Stop Focusing On Past Mistakes

That which you focus on, only gets larger. I stopped focusing on my past. Eliminated two words from my vocabulary, “should and but!” And replaced them with “next and And!” What got me in my financial and mental mess was not that I wasn’t smart, I just was my biggest critic and focused on my past mistakes. You truly get what you focus on, I have lived.

Started Appreciating What You Do Have

GOD, universe, other people are not going to give you anything if you don’t appreciate the things you already have, no matter how big or small. That just would not be good stewardship. Each morning I made a list no matter long or short what I was appreciative for. At one time it was one thing, a car roof over my head.

Meditate Every Morning

I learned very quickly that a quiet mind was a smart mind. Early morning meditation time freed my mind to work smart not hard, and it allowed me more skills to listen to opportunities around me that were happening daily. You may not think a few extra minutes in the morning would be so huge in the form of leveraged energy, but it may have been the most important to me in my life.

Pay Tithing and Yourself

Charity, church, institution, what have you, giving is a form of trust. And trust is a form of confidence in money. For me personally, I am a Christian, so I give to a church. And the minute I gave the first fruits of my labor so to speak, the fruit keep coming. I have not had one month in four years where my income has not exceeded the previous amount. Nor have I acquired any debt.

Have a Mentor

Mentor, teacher, guide, accountability partner, name them what you wish, but you need one. I asked two of my most honest business partners to be my eyes and ears at times. Wise counsel is good counsel! Get people around you that are honest, no skin in the game and trustworthy.

Have Better Quality Friends

This was hard for me, and will be for you as well. You become like your friends. Nothing personal, but my circle at the time was toxic and broke. I just did not have the energy to associate with that mindset. New friends, healthy boundaries filled my financial cup up pretty fast.

Find a Vehicle of Financial Income Stream

A job won’t get you free, financially that is. Self employment was the only path I was going to take. I just needed a vehicle to generate the residual income to allow me a lifestyle I wanted. At the time with $4.51 to my name, being financially free was hard to comprehend. However, accomplishing the above list, brought opportunities, many of them in many different forms into my life. And many I didn’t see coming or wanted to part take in at first. But I didn’t want to stay in my car either. Here’s just one of them.

I don’t care what you do in life as a career or what your financial goals are. But I will tell you, doing the above things changed my life instantly and forever, emotionally, spiritually and financially. If I had to narrow the shirt down into one word, it would be “Appreciation!” Oh yes, in my spare time I am a consultant for the NFL Superbowl champs!

Greg Patrick Ryan