Everything changed the moment I decided to focus on something other than what I was. The past, or present for that matter is not irrelevant to what’s coming, only if you spend your mental time there. Everything changed when my past mistakes, should have, could have, would have’s were forgotten. Everything changed with I went from conditional love of self and circumstances to unconditional love of everything, little or large.

The Power of Focus

That to which you focus upon only gets larger in your life. River or rocks! I’ve learned in life that while floating down stream, if you focus on the river you flow in peace and joy, yet by contrast if you focus only on the rocks they only get bigger and more abundant. I’ve learned that we all have a choice in the morning to be right or to be happy, focus on river or a rock. The rock got me in the mess, the river took me out!

The Power of Unconditional Love

We live in a world of conditional thinking. Everything is measurable followed by judgmental behaviors. We personally live mostly in a conditional world inside because of outside pressure. Conditional love of self, got me in a mess, so I had to learn to give myself a break, even in tough times. The minute I learned the power of unconditional love of self, everything changed!