Everybody thinks being a Real Estate Broker is glamorous and money making. Maybe for a few it is, but do you know 95% of agents fail? But, I’m not talking to the losers here, I am speaking directly to you so called winners. Real Estate, the hardest workers for the least amount of money. The most controlled profession by their customers there is. Real Estate Agents, only as good as your last sale. And the most cut throat business there is. Why in the world would you want to be a Real Estate Agent other than status? If you are an agent, sooner or later you got to come to grips with the facts and your future. It’s a default industry until something better comes along. A winner will eventually become a loser in Real Estate.

Is there anything better than Real Estate? Yep, Technology, 100% market share, royalty checks year after year, recession proof, nutrition, disease prevention.

What if I gave you $20,000 a year royalties on every doctors office you put a piece of technology in? What if I gave you a passive income for every person you had as your agent? If you knew anything about the medical, wellness, disease prevention world, you would say, this is too good to be true. Try me! What if you had no debt or liability in technology real estate? Try me! Ten doctors with the following medical device in their office, that’s $200,000 of passive income a year. You will never see that in your lifetime in Real Estate.

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