14 Mar 2013
March 14, 2013

Faith and Fitness

Not the same guy I use to be. Introverted, undisciplined and doubtful, that was I! “How have you kept it all going?” Many will ask.   If I could sum it up, “Bold Faith.” Going from unmotivated to borderline obsessive is no easy task. And for me a short-term approach with a long term Hope was the answer.  Looking back fitness and faith in my life went hand in hand. Each one had basically the same fundamental principles and over all one did not work with out the other.

Staying Motivated

Staying motivated year-end and year-out, day after day was more about my relationship with fitness than a so-called religious movement. Each day was dealt with on its own. It was more about sinning less than sinless. It was more about bigger picture than perfection combined with a one day at a time attitude. Staying hungry requires more of a deep desire than a surface snack of affirmations listed on your refrigerator. It demands a faith not only in your earthly lower day-to-day life, but a Heavenly upper unseen belief that is built on Hope.

More than Motivation

Keeping it moving forward is built on three very important soulful ideas; being accepted, having identity and living with purpose.

Acceptance – Accept the fact your exercising and eating will not be perfect. Every morning start over, forget yesterday. And yes you are worth it!

Identity – Your self-worth is not in your looks or accomplishments, weight you life, goals you reach or body measurements. You identity in truth comes not from earthly things, but Heavenly.

Purpose – Have a reason to workout more than just looks. Have a deep desire to be health from the inside out rather than the outside in.

Faith at the Core

Fitness long term requires Faith that eventually you will feel better and have better quality of life. Being truly fit inside and out is fueled by, Hope not happenstance. The next time you want to work on your fitness, take a look at your faith regiment first.