27 Oct 2014
October 27, 2014

Diabetes Going Vital

By 2020, half of you reading this will be pre- diabetic or full-blown. Scary? It should be, but it’s not on the radar for most yet. Cannot see it, why must I worry about it? This is the attitude toward what some call, The “Silent Killer.”

Going Vital

About as fast as Internet Technology is moving so are America’s vital signs. While tech stuff continues to go down in price, your internal vital signs are going up, and so goes healthcare and the chances of losing a limb as well. INSIDE health in TRUTH, is more important than the inner thigh or traps.

Working on your inside fitness may be more of a mindset than anything. For me, I looked at body-fat as my barometer. Body-fat or the relation of muscle to over all fat in the body usually goes hand in hand with over all health. So the next time you set your healthy lifestyle goals, look inside out, not outside in.