United we stand, with GOD that is! The art of allowing GOD into ones life, is not about duty, works, reason nor logic. Getting into Heaven is not even about flight plans, GPS or fuel. Getting to ones destination is more about, are you ready or are you resistant? If eternity is your final resting place, why not be ready to go now? Give me first class, one hopes down here on earth, but all the while, in your heart you’re not totally willing to give up your earthly ticket now to be where you ultimately want to go in the first place, Heaven.

Not only does GOD want us too unconditionally love, but He more importantly wants us to be able to unconditionally be able to let go of ALL earthly possessions and desires. “I’m Ready,” LORD! Most Christians would state, conditionally thinking! Under these conditions and on my time LORD, “I’m Ready!” Most deep down believe! “Take up your cross and follow me. Matthew 16:24 Your Cross, meaning your life, not your possessions or earthly bucket lists. You want to stand with Jesus, you mean it when you say, I’m Ready! You want a first class non stop flight to Heaven, be ready now, unconditionally, free of any ties here on earth. Doing so in your soul, you will never ever have to be worried you will be kicked of plane……destination Heaven!


The Messenger