Right or wrong, and for what ever reason, I grew up to believing that my words, did not or would not matter to the world or another. My surroundings, my mind over time had convinced my belief system into thinking, why speak, why give an opinion, why bother to think how I could change the.. read more →

Call yourself a Believer? Yet, your GOD lives in a box! Now that’s just crazy! You say! “I don’t put got in a box!” Hard to admit, is it not? Are you living the life you always wanted? Are those around you, being blessed as well? Are you at Peace with your day to day.. read more →

For thirty years I’ve taught and preached the sermon on denial, pride and laziness. I’ve spoke to millions until I am blue in the face about the consequences of bad eating habits and poor lifestyles and CANCER. Open your Facebook and there’s not a day goes by that you don’t see someone with Cancer or.. read more →

Your complaining is a by product of your thoughts. Your life is a by product of your words. Blame even the dog, but the finger always comes back to you. Going from a world filled with PMS to a world of PMA is just a matter of deciding. read more →

In a world where we are now only separated by four people, with the help of social media, we are probably disconnected more than ever. Heck, the millennial generation most likely has never heard of or seen a phone, let alone used one. The Price for Convenience (Laziness) Over the last ten years I did.. read more →