What’s GOOD Money Anyway? I’m making GOOD money! He says. What the heck is “good” money anyway? Webster says, “GOOD” money is hard earned money. Second question, why does money have to be hard earned? Is this the standard now, you have arrived in life when you start making what every good money is to.. read more →

Muscle or Money? Muscles or Money? Now it looks all pretty, healthy and happy. But, soon you will be forced to decide, muscle or money? We age and there’s no way around it. Oh, you can deny it only so long, but it’s coming. Oh, your pride will carry you just long enough to fill.. read more →

If you cannot prove the absorption rate of the supplement you are selling, please don’t waste our time contacting us and giving us your sales pitch. You cannot no matter what doctors group is paying you to endorse them or what so called clinical you say you have. Absorption rate is as different as DNA and you cannot prove anything. And we will absolutely not base our reputation on hearsay! No way! read more →

I once was embarrassed to tell this story, but today, I am not! Why? Because thousands have benefited from my story of how I rose from the ashes deep in debt and homeless to a six figure income in less than 24 months. Looking back it wasn’t all that hard, but it did take a.. read more →

Put your broke opinions back in your storage room. Fix oxidative stress and gum disease decreases, you know this to be true. So how do you fix it, you test for it and you encourage better nutritional lifestyles along with good dental practices. Most dentists are over leveraged and in alot of debt, not sure.. read more →

Best Wealth Building Book I have ever written! And it’s only 40 pages! Numbers don’t lie, only peoples opinions do! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EG09RUr3FoQ&t=3s read more →

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkKFBB0HrGw&t=1s read more →

Yes, this is direct sales. Pride makes you poor! Business models don’t lie! I have a lifestyle most with EGOs would die to have, but they are too narrow minded to have any common sense about business, market share, future trends. 100 percent market share in a disease ridden world with all doctors broke and.. read more →

Most are dumbfounded, many disgraceful and mainly only a handful are different! Sounds harsh for my profession, doesn’t it? I never shy away from the truth, nor will I this time. You offended by my three decade observation, then look in the mirror; the ugly truth brings that out in people! Ninety eight percent of.. read more →

Everybody thinks being a Real Estate Broker is glamorous and money making. Maybe for a few it is, but do you know 95% of agents fail? But, I’m not talking to the losers here, I am speaking directly to you so called winners. Real Estate, the hardest workers for the least amount of money. The.. read more →