“Guard your hearts and minds.” The Bible says in Proverbs. Maybe one of the most beneficial scriptures as well as challenging ones! A few years ago, I recognized how important it was to have a clear head. For years I had filled my brain with drama, chaos, business, OCD career ambitions. Not all bad, but.. read more →

All work and no play, makes one a dull life! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EG09RUr3FoQ&t=4s read more →

Real Money! You mean verses fake money? No! In many cases you will hear the rich refer to a term regarding financial cash flow as “Real” Money! Real money is money that works for you, like compound interest. Another term is “Passive” income. Most people live in a world that mainly consist of “Actual” income… read more →

I don’t wonder, I know. It’s common sense, or lack there of! I don’t wonder why health or sick care is so messed up, I know its because of mainly two reasons. But hey, why have common sense when you have a drug for everything. Years and years of classes, hundreds of thousands of dollars.. read more →

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PMd0yTBp70&t=59s read more →

The next billion dollar trend, do you know what it is? Probably not! There are only a few who take advantage of those trends. How do some know and others don’t? Many don’t do business on common sense and being proactive. Heck, most are just trying to survive. You are surviving or even broke because.. read more →

16 Apr 2017
April 16, 2017

Dear GOD ~ Thank You For That!

An Open Letter to Jesus, Today I say, Thank you! Thank you for everything you have done for me, since the day I was born, until now, but especially a few thousand years ago. You didn’t even know me, but you put your life on the line for me. You gave your life, so I.. read more →

United we stand, with GOD that is! The art of allowing GOD into ones life, is not about duty, works, reason nor logic. Getting into Heaven is not even about flight plans, GPS or fuel. Getting to ones destination is more about, are you ready or are you resistant? If eternity is your final resting.. read more →

Being successful as a fitness trainer has just as many meanings as there are trainers. But, one thing is in common with ninety percent of the personal trainers out there, you are broke. Emotionally, physically and financial, all three or at least one of them. When I ask trainers how is business, they answer, “Good,.. read more →