Right or wrong, and for what ever reason, I grew up to believing that my words, did not or would not matter to the world or another. My surroundings, my mind over time had convinced my belief system into thinking, why speak, why give an opinion, why bother to think how I could change the.. read more →

Call yourself a Believer? Yet, your GOD lives in a box! Now that’s just crazy! You say! “I don’t put got in a box!” Hard to admit, is it not? Are you living the life you always wanted? Are those around you, being blessed as well? Are you at Peace with your day to day.. read more →

So you’ve survived Hurricane Irma! So! So now what? The sad thing is, you think you have time! Where were you sixteen years ago today? Do you even remember what happened on this day, years ago? By the actions of most, most don’t remember. Most don’t care!  Once you get your electricity back on, you’ll.. read more →

Parking for Herb Every Saturday for the last four years. Yep! That’s a lot of fish! Every Saturday at 11:30am sharp, the minute the doors can open, Herb now 86 and I enter his favorite place. For the last twenty five years he and his now deceased wife would go every week, and sit at.. read more →

You Stink!
You say you trust GOD, but you reek of desperation. You say you are at peace with the day, but you paralyze yourself with fear. What gives? Somethings got too! you come to Christ in so much eagerness to learn and grow in Him, but somewhere along the line, such cheer turns into resentment, envy, strife all in the act of desperation. Why? GOD never promised you a rose garden here. He never said, as soon as you believe you’ll possess everything you always wanted. He never sent you an app on your iphone to click a button and get your blessings from Amazon Prime in two days. Desperation reeks and GOD nor the world wants any part of it. You smell! read more →

George Washington said it and look what happened to him. So why can’t I? The art of allowing GOD into our lives is more about how to keep the door open than our natural instinct to shut it. In other words, GOD’s always there knocking, it’s us who keeps the door shut and locked. “I.. read more →

The Meat of Life We had been fishing for over four hours! But, something was nagging at me! “You’re fishing way to shallow!” A still small nudge of a voice whispered. But, I refused to listen. The night before we googled and learned what the word, “Thermocline” meant in the fishing world. “Thermocline,” the space.. read more →

“Your will be done, LORD!” Maybe the hardest of all prayers to pray, but also maybe one of the most powerful, influential ones as well. I know a few scriptures, but do I really believe the scriptures I read? Not always. Came across the Jabez prayer about fifteen years ago. Flippantly, read the book and.. read more →

From Living in a Car to Debt Free Abundance! We all have a view on tithing, giving or charity, however you want to say it. Many have different interpretations of Malachi 3:10 too. Here’s my story! My parents married almost seventy years now, have never owed a penny to no one. High School education at.. read more →

Predestination! Oh the holy grail of debates! Free will or life already predetermined, this debate will go on until Christ returns! Personally, I don’t think about it in the least. What I do know is, the Peace that GOD gives in the knowing of Him is all is beyond understanding. Purpose Filled We all have.. read more →