For thirty years I’ve taught and preached the sermon on denial, pride and laziness. I’ve spoke to millions until I am blue in the face about the consequences of bad eating habits and poor lifestyles and CANCER. Open your Facebook and there’s not a day goes by that you don’t see someone with Cancer or.. read more →

Jesus has traded in his loin cloth for a lab coat! This blog may come across like I’m mad. Well, I am. For thirty plus years I’ve seen all this medical mess coming. I’ve preached, teach a reached for anyway possible to get people’s attention of what now maybe is too late to do anything.. read more →

Caregivers, good caregivers hard to find these days. So much so, here in Colorado it’s becoming dangerous. But, the most disturbing thing is what’s happening in the care centers because of it! A new babysitter industry has emerged. A new money making profit center for big pharma has been born. Caregivers in shortage crisis, who.. read more →

“Frankly my dear, I could give a damn!” Famous movie words maybe have become the most used unspoken words in the world of ones health! The Greatest Illness of All! Tic toc, tic toc your life is on the clock! The fuse is lit and you could care less. Denial more than any disease in.. read more →

No one wants to see the ugly dark side of what America has become! Do we? No one wants to face the ugly dark side either. Do you? So what do Americans do, they try in some illogical way paint a bright side to it? It’s glamorous today to see how many hotdogs you can.. read more →

Disturbing? It should be! That’s the psychi of the America! Land of the free and home of the brave! Really? No freedom in that and definitely no bravery to look in the mirror. Please enlighten me the Health Coach. Why should I even give a darn about your health, when you could care less about.. read more →

Truth is not always pretty. Neither is the state of America’s health. it’s sick care now, run by customer driven big pharma; doctors as their trolls. You can point your finger in any direction, but the most accurate one would be back at you. You hold the cards to your health, like it our not… read more →

I don’t wonder, I know. It’s common sense, or lack there of! I don’t wonder why health or sick care is so messed up, I know its because of mainly two reasons. But hey, why have common sense when you have a drug for everything. Years and years of classes, hundreds of thousands of dollars.. read more →

Up until a few years ago, there was not the technology to do so. But today, there is and no more slack will I cut to all the personal trainers or so called coaches out there. First do you know what oxidative stress is? Do you know what free radical damage is? Do you know.. read more → read more →