Most are dumbfounded, many disgraceful and mainly only a handful are different! Sounds harsh for my profession, doesn’t it? I never shy away from the truth, nor will I this time. You offended by my three decade observation, then look in the mirror; the ugly truth brings that out in people! Ninety eight percent of.. read more →

Build it and they will come! But will they stay? Sure, pole barn, a few tractor tires, ladders, rocky chin bar and sledge hammer and you got yourself one of the six thousand seven hundred cross fit gyms in the US. Love the sport, but there’s one huge thing missing. First here’s the question, “Whats.. read more →

Coaches, trainers, people in general ask me all the time, “”Thirty-five years of counseling people, wow. How did you do it?” Boundaries! Simple as that. I set healthy boundaries with people from the start. I charge a lot of money, and in turn I give so much customer service they never complain about the fees… read more →   read more → read more → read more →

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30 million have it! 86 million, on their way to having it! Forty-five percent increase in last ten years; mostly from being overweight! Now called pre-cancer and pre-heart disease! Memory decreases twelve percent a year! Brain ages 5x faster. But, I know, It won’t happen to you, will it? Get your Anti Oxidants checked before.. read more → read more →