For thirty years I’ve taught and preached the sermon on denial, pride and laziness. I’ve spoke to millions until I am blue in the face about the consequences of bad eating habits and poor lifestyles and CANCER. Open your Facebook and there’s not a day goes by that you don’t see someone with Cancer or.. read more →

What Will Be Left When You Return? Today the entire state of Florida is moving North! Hurricane Irene is about to unleash her fury of wind and rain upon the Sunshine State. And for most, they leave behind everything and look forward to maybe the most uncertain time in their lives. Family, fortress and financial.. read more →

Let me shoot it to you straight, since the medical world will not! You’re dying, and dying pre maturely at pandemic rates. How’s that working for you? Let me dumb this down so much, you probably won’t believe it or grasp it even. The Source The Source of ALL, not some, but ALL disease comes.. read more →

If you cannot prove the absorption rate of the supplement you are selling, please don’t waste our time contacting us and giving us your sales pitch. You cannot no matter what doctors group is paying you to endorse them or what so called clinical you say you have. Absorption rate is as different as DNA and you cannot prove anything. And we will absolutely not base our reputation on hearsay! No way! read more →

Doctors, don’t want you healthy? Disease at it’s all time high. So are the profits of the Big Pharma Prescription Drug industry. While either of these should not be a shocker in themselves, but the education behind your doctor should shock the (*&*(*&*( out of you! In all the years of schooling and hundreds of.. read more →

Nutrition affects the ADHD brain in three ways. 1. Brain cells, like other cells in the body, need proper nutrition to carry out their functions. 2. The myelin sheath, which covers the axons of brain cells, as insulation covers electrical wires, needs the right levels of nutrients to speed transmission of the electrical signals between.. read more →

All the while you are worried and spewing hatred in the political ring, you’re walking dead with your health! It’s much easy to give ones opinion about things they cannot control, rather than give a crap about ones health in which they can! Either way, you feel crappy in the end! “Give me Liberty or.. read more →

Disturbing? It should be! That’s the psychi of the America! Land of the free and home of the brave! Really? No freedom in that and definitely no bravery to look in the mirror. Please enlighten me the Health Coach. Why should I even give a darn about your health, when you could care less about.. read more →

Yes, this is direct sales. Pride makes you poor! Business models don’t lie! I have a lifestyle most with EGOs would die to have, but they are too narrow minded to have any common sense about business, market share, future trends. 100 percent market share in a disease ridden world with all doctors broke and.. read more →

Everybody thinks being a Real Estate Broker is glamorous and money making. Maybe for a few it is, but do you know 95% of agents fail? But, I’m not talking to the losers here, I am speaking directly to you so called winners. Real Estate, the hardest workers for the least amount of money. The.. read more →