Proof in the Prescription “So who’s going to step up? You, the doctor the big pharma, the government? Fat chance of any of you having the guts to grow a pair. But, if this crisis is going to anywhere get control off it starts with you getting off your lazy, prideful denial butt.” There’s the.. read more →

Yes, this is direct sales. Pride makes you poor! Business models don’t lie! I have a lifestyle most with EGOs would die to have, but they are too narrow minded to have any common sense about business, market share, future trends. 100 percent market share in a disease ridden world with all doctors broke and.. read more → read more →

I make no bones about it, emergency medicine, YES, long term, why? A father of three teenagers, husband and head of orthopedics surgery! At the top of his profession after twenty years from the first day of school, the world as most see it, an oyster for the taking. Well, instead of oysters, he took.. read more → read more →