No doubt? Not sure that’s possible! We tend to believe what is, not what is to come. And when we do, doubt creeps in our lives. Living a life totally on Faith 24/7, maybe not, but we can recognize it when it does enter our homes of hearts. “How then do you get rid of.. read more →

That in which we focus upon, only gets bigger! In other words, we get what we expect. The question is, ‘What are you dwelling on?” Are you focusing on what you do not have in life, or what you have? Are you appreciative for the little or resentful for the lot? Years ago, I focused.. read more →

“Frankly my dear, I could give a damn!” Famous movie words maybe have become the most used unspoken words in the world of ones health! The Greatest Illness of All! Tic toc, tic toc your life is on the clock! The fuse is lit and you could care less. Denial more than any disease in.. read more →

No one wants to see the ugly dark side of what America has become! Do we? No one wants to face the ugly dark side either. Do you? So what do Americans do, they try in some illogical way paint a bright side to it? It’s glamorous today to see how many hotdogs you can.. read more →

Actions speak louder than words. America fuels it’s own demise. In and out, and over and over, day after day, we do the same ole thing thinking to get different results! We thrive on chaos and pay for it on the front and back ends dearly. Who cares, right? Everyone’s doing it! Why be different?.. read more →

Disturbing? It should be! That’s the psychi of the America! Land of the free and home of the brave! Really? No freedom in that and definitely no bravery to look in the mirror. Please enlighten me the Health Coach. Why should I even give a darn about your health, when you could care less about.. read more →

Truth is not always pretty. Neither is the state of America’s health. it’s sick care now, run by customer driven big pharma; doctors as their trolls. You can point your finger in any direction, but the most accurate one would be back at you. You hold the cards to your health, like it our not… read more →

Graduation weekend, and not a clue! The amazing world of the graduate today should alarm you, but I bet it doesn’t! Clueless….This is the majority of those getting their diploma this weekend. And here’s why? Most grads would fail this test if given today. Would you? It’s a very simple yes or no test! Do.. read more →

28 Apr 2017
April 28, 2017

Incompetent or Just Plain Lazy?

Life is a mirror! Like it or not. What you do, matters! Matters a lot to you and those around you. Leadership requires a bigger picture thinking. It demands you look outside your self. If you don’t think your actions, attitudes and attributes don’t matter, look at your children or close friends. Life is a.. read more → read more →