Caregivers, good caregivers hard to find these days. So much so, here in Colorado it’s becoming dangerous. But, the most disturbing thing is what’s happening in the care centers because of it! A new babysitter industry has emerged. A new money making profit center for big pharma has been born. Caregivers in shortage crisis, who.. read more β†’

I make no bones about it, emergency medicine, YES, long term, why? A father of three teenagers, husband and head of orthopedics surgery! At the top of his profession after twenty years from the first day of school, the world as most see it, an oyster for the taking. Well, instead of oysters, he took.. read more β†’

30 million have it! 86 million, on their way to having it! Forty-five percent increase in last ten years; mostly from being overweight! Now called pre-cancer and pre-heart disease! Memory decreases twelve percent a year! Brain ages 5x faster. But, I know, It won’t happen to you, will it? Get your Anti Oxidants checked before.. read more β†’