Your complaining is a by product of your thoughts. Your life is a by product of your words. Blame even the dog, but the finger always comes back to you. Going from a world filled with PMS to a world of PMA is just a matter of deciding. read more →

In a world where we are now only separated by four people, with the help of social media, we are probably disconnected more than ever. Heck, the millennial generation most likely has never heard of or seen a phone, let alone used one. The Price for Convenience (Laziness) Over the last ten years I did.. read more →

So you’ve survived Hurricane Irma! So! So now what? The sad thing is, you think you have time! Where were you sixteen years ago today? Do you even remember what happened on this day, years ago? By the actions of most, most don’t remember. Most don’t care!  Once you get your electricity back on, you’ll.. read more →

What Will Be Left When You Return? Today the entire state of Florida is moving North! Hurricane Irene is about to unleash her fury of wind and rain upon the Sunshine State. And for most, they leave behind everything and look forward to maybe the most uncertain time in their lives. Family, fortress and financial.. read more →

Life is a Choice I’ve learned the hard way, that every action in life has a reaction. I’ve taken the path with the most resistance at times in my life, with the choices I have made. And that’s the biggest thing I’ve learned; we all have a choice. My cup was half empty years ago.. read more →

Now look at this picture. Pretty stupid, wouldn’t you say? Jail cell open, but he doesn’t move. Kind of the Shawshank Redemption thing, ya think? Now picture this, that person is you standing there. Now what do you think? That would be even stupider if it were you, right? Guess what? It is you! It’s.. read more →

Acceptance! Let’s call it like it is! We all in some way or another want to be accepted, to fit in so to speak. But at what cost? Most spend their lives, months and days trying to convince people of something. Why do we need to feel we have to persuade others of anything? Your.. read more →

Tasteful, but Tasteless Tasteful or Tasteless? Either way, your taste may be killing you. Most eat for taste, and most are the walking dead, dying a very unhealthy death prematurely! Most don’t eat for health, they eat for pleasure. Most eat out of laziness, most die of pride because of such. Most go by the.. read more →

Jesus has traded in his loin cloth for a lab coat! This blog may come across like I’m mad. Well, I am. For thirty plus years I’ve seen all this medical mess coming. I’ve preached, teach a reached for anyway possible to get people’s attention of what now maybe is too late to do anything.. read more →

Music and Money “What kind of music do you listen to?” She asked. “Crickets!” I smiled. “No really, I see you with your head phones in, what are you listening too, is that a band I never heard of?” She laughs. “No really! I’m listening to Crickets!” I smiled as I handed her my ear.. read more →