Right or wrong, and for what ever reason, I grew up to believing that my words, did not or would not matter to the world or another. My surroundings, my mind over time had convinced my belief system into thinking, why speak, why give an opinion, why bother to think how I could change the.. read more →

Everything changed the moment I decided to focus on something other than what I was. The past, or present for that matter is not irrelevant to what’s coming, only if you spend your mental time there. Everything changed when my past mistakes, should have, could have, would have’s were forgotten. Everything changed with I went.. read more →

I spent the first half of my life, dying to fit in with the crowd. The latest part, obsessed with being different. I like my years now! The sad thing was, the first half of life, the quest was acceptance, identity and some form of purpose; all three of which I carried with me from.. read more →

“I have a book I want to get published can you help me? I’m going to go to some workshops on how to write a book soon!” Ok, let me see your work? I smiled. “Well, I only have one chapter finished. “I would like to build a house!” I replied. “It’s in my head,.. read more →