30 Mar 2017
March 30, 2017

Can’t Get No ~ Satisfaction?

Never pray for patience they say! God will surely give it to you, if you do! The same could be said for satisfaction! And maybe a safer prayer as well? Can we be satisfied and wanting more in life? Sure! How? Being satisfied does not mean you are a quitter or lazy one in life. Satisfaction brings Peace with it, but not complacency! I think one of the best mental states one can be in is to, “Make Peace with your day(life) and be eager for more of GOD’s blessings to come!”

Patience will dwell in your houses from time to time, GOD sometimes requires such. Trust may be a better way to describe such a mindset at the time. Trust, begs no patience! Satisfaction makes a bed for Peace! To help us have that such satisfaction, we must somehow come to grips, GOD’s ways and especially His timing is never apart of our understanding or time table. GOD wants really two things from us, “Surrender,” and ‘Obedience.”

So the next time, satisfaction is drowned out in your house by the tidal wave of patience, try making Peace with your day somehow and watch the eagerness of life warm the rooms of your soul!