“It’s all about the leap!” She says with a smile from ear to ear. My friend Kathy, wanted to go, but for me, leaping over a puddle in the stream was daring enough. But, what did I have to lose? She was living out her life, leap after leap, bucket list item after item. I realized that day, that Hope really can float, if you just relax and enjoy the ride. Ten thousand feet and a free fall, my life and thousands more were changed forever.

You see, there is life after Cancer. There is a Hope fueled by a pro active lifestyle. Do I believe in medicine? Yes to a point! From a cure stand point, not costumer one. And that, in most cases ends right after emergency medicine. You see, my friend Kathy taught me and countless others than day that, life is about leaping, moving on from challenges, having faith in the future no matter where the leap may take you. You see, cancer, there may not yet be a cure, but I have to think with a little common sense, better lifestyle choices, proper anti oxidant diets, active activities, would only help in the fight. You see, my friend Kathy taught me that day as we landed in that ratty ole corn field, that life is just way to short, not too. Not to leap that is!

The Mentor