Cabala Boys and a Lemon of a Stand

Yesterday I went to the mega store Cabala’s to get some fishing gear. Upon cashing out, they tried to hook me again. Not so fast big boys! “Can I have your number?” The old man cashier asked. So you can sell my number and harass me? Absolutely not! I smiled. My purchase came to $19.40. “Would you like to round it up?” The dude was just following orders from corporate I know. Excuse me??? I stared

Let me get this straight! You (Cabala’s) realizes that most people don’t carry or care -to carry coins around anymore (2 Billion in pennies on the streets of US). So you, in a very unethical way ask your customers know what most will do, if they want to round their purchase total up for no reason other than so we don’t have to carry change? Are you freakin serious? I steamed. Not caring who was in line I said, “So let’s do some math! Assuming you asked every customer in every Cabala store to round up to the dollar that would be roughly ten million dollars you would pocket for your con job a year!” Where does the money go?” I asked. Someone’s getting it! He says with a smile. You know, all you had to ask was, “Would you like to donate a dollar to…? And gladly I would have!” But no, you tried to slim your way into my pocket. Sorry, big boy, this big fish is not in your net today!

Three Boys and a Lemonade Stand

My neighbor’s boys were out at the corner today. “Fresh Cold Lemonade with a smile the sign read. Hey guys, how about a glass of your lemonade I asked. Sure sir, they smiled as they handed me a tall strawberry one. Dang that’s good boys. Would you like some gummy bears to go along with your lemonade mister? Even for a workout buff like me, I had no strength to say no! Bring it on boys! As I shook each boys hand GLADLY giving them $20, I looked them in the eye and said, Here ya go for your customer service, excellent product and your non-threatening respective negotiating skills. There’s a lot of companies (as I thought of Cabala’s) that could learn a thing or two from you three. Thank you kindly boys!

Thanks boys for the best $20 glass of lemonade and free gummy bears I ever had!