24 Oct 2014
October 24, 2014

Building True Wealth – Chase a few lions!

I spent most of my 20’s and 30’s chasing nothing. Oh, I had a great career compared to the farm boy I grew up to believing life would not get any better. I say that with all due respect, at the time farming was just not for me. However, there has been so many times I just wished i were back on that farm and its simplicity. Hence this post!

True wealth, what is it? To most it means many things. To me, it has changed over the years. Low self esteem encouraged me into thinking stuff and money was all that mattered and how I truly would be measured. Then I got smart; life tends to do that you know. I made it, I lost it. I made the money, I lost the money. At one time in my life I lived in my car for months feeling sorry for myself for having it and losing it; myself being the biggest competition. The fear of looking foolish drove me and in the end almost finished me. The very thing I feared happened, I lost it all. But in truth, during such a time, I found it all. I found that it was not all bad looking foolish. I found that running my own race, was sweet. I found in the simplicity of life was where I felt most comfortable and less likely to think my way into something, not out of. I realized by losing everything (of what the world would think) I found the only thing that matter anyway, HOPE.

Hope, the only thing stronger than fear. I found that in the act of looking foolish is where I lived the most. I found that in the leap of not caring what others thought of me or what my self worth was measured was where true wealth lived. I found that dogma was not my cup of tea, foolishness was. I found that honoring my creator, loving people and living with passion, possessions or not was true wealth. And for that, I am hungrier today, more satisfied with me, filled with gratitude more than every and live with purpose as foolishly as possible with no regrets.

So my encouragement, chase a few lions. Honor your life and loved ones. Love as many people as will allow. And live with passion to the point that it overflows to others. And never ever be afraid to be foolish, because it is there in that leap you find true wealth of the soul!