From Living in a Car to Debt Free Abundance! We all have a view on tithing, giving or charity, however you want to say it. Many have different interpretations of Malachi 3:10 too. Here’s my story! My parents married almost seventy years now, have never owed a penny to no one. High School education at.. read more →

Predestination! Oh the holy grail of debates! Free will or life already predetermined, this debate will go on until Christ returns! Personally, I don’t think about it in the least. What I do know is, the Peace that GOD gives in the knowing of Him is all is beyond understanding. Purpose Filled We all have.. read more →

Caregivers, good caregivers hard to find these days. So much so, here in Colorado it’s becoming dangerous. But, the most disturbing thing is what’s happening in the care centers because of it! A new babysitter industry has emerged. A new money making profit center for big pharma has been born. Caregivers in shortage crisis, who.. read more →

The Calculated One Never judge a book by the cover and never judge a person by their inactions. Every watch a fox? They are always bee lining it somewhere. It’s like that nose is pointed and they are on a mission. No distractions, no worries, just a destination or quest in mind. And they never.. read more →

One who believes is more influential than millions who do not! The question is, “Are you in the stream or standing along its banks?” Most are standing, afraid to jump in! Afraid to where the stream may take them. Afraid of losing control of their lives. I will follow you Jesus, on my conditions, not.. read more →