If you cannot prove the absorption rate of the supplement you are selling, please don’t waste our time contacting us and giving us your sales pitch. You cannot no matter what doctors group is paying you to endorse them or what so called clinical you say you have. Absorption rate is as different as DNA and you cannot prove anything. And we will absolutely not base our reputation on hearsay! No way! read more →

It is not the regret of what I did, but the emptiness of thinking what might have been of the things I did not do! Time! The sad thing it, you think its forever lasting! In your teens, life seems forever. Thirties, a blur! Fifties, need to put the brakes on a little we think… read more →

Like Attracts Like Like attracts like! Like it or not! Life is a mirror of sorts, a reflection of absolute truth. Like it or not! You ain’t happy with life, then look in the mirror. Like the view or not! That to which is likened to is drawn! In other words, you get what you.. read more →

TGIF! Really? When are you going to have enough? Enough of the same ole, same ole thinking. Over and over, week in and week out you do the same thing, expecting different results! Really? Hows that working for you? You and Tom are the same. Going to work day in and day out, with the.. read more →

Weight loss, making a lot of money or finding the love of your life is not complicated. And it’s not about going out and getting them. Life holds no secrets. Your answers to all three of those are right under your nose, you just have too much complicated clutter to hear or see them. The art of getting all those, is read more →