Out of pitch, out of tone, out of touch! Most have lost the mojo, the momentum of their lives. Most are just reacting verses living a proactive life. Most need a new chorus line, a new song so to speak to get the vibes going again. How do you get there, how do you set.. read more →

Muscle or Money? Muscles or Money? Now it looks all pretty, healthy and happy. But, soon you will be forced to decide, muscle or money? We age and there’s no way around it. Oh, you can deny it only so long, but it’s coming. Oh, your pride will carry you just long enough to fill.. read more →

George Washington said it and look what happened to him. So why can’t I? The art of allowing GOD into our lives is more about how to keep the door open than our natural instinct to shut it. In other words, GOD’s always there knocking, it’s us who keeps the door shut and locked. “I.. read more →

The Meat of Life We had been fishing for over four hours! But, something was nagging at me! “You’re fishing way to shallow!” A still small nudge of a voice whispered. But, I refused to listen. The night before we googled and learned what the word, “Thermocline” meant in the fishing world. “Thermocline,” the space.. read more →

“Your will be done, LORD!” Maybe the hardest of all prayers to pray, but also maybe one of the most powerful, influential ones as well. I know a few scriptures, but do I really believe the scriptures I read? Not always. Came across the Jabez prayer about fifteen years ago. Flippantly, read the book and.. read more →