Now look at this picture. Pretty stupid, wouldn’t you say? Jail cell open, but he doesn’t move. Kind of the Shawshank Redemption thing, ya think? Now picture this, that person is you standing there. Now what do you think? That would be even stupider if it were you, right? Guess what? It is you! It’s.. read more →

Acceptance! Let’s call it like it is! We all in some way or another want to be accepted, to fit in so to speak. But at what cost? Most spend their lives, months and days trying to convince people of something. Why do we need to feel we have to persuade others of anything? Your.. read more →

Tasteful, but Tasteless Tasteful or Tasteless? Either way, your taste may be killing you. Most eat for taste, and most are the walking dead, dying a very unhealthy death prematurely! Most don’t eat for health, they eat for pleasure. Most eat out of laziness, most die of pride because of such. Most go by the.. read more →

Parking for Herb Every Saturday for the last four years. Yep! That’s a lot of fish! Every Saturday at 11:30am sharp, the minute the doors can open, Herb now 86 and I enter his favorite place. For the last twenty five years he and his now deceased wife would go every week, and sit at.. read more →

What’s GOOD Money Anyway? I’m making GOOD money! He says. What the heck is “good” money anyway? Webster says, “GOOD” money is hard earned money. Second question, why does money have to be hard earned? Is this the standard now, you have arrived in life when you start making what every good money is to.. read more →