I spent the first half of my life, dying to fit in with the crowd. The latest part, obsessed with being different. I like my years now! The sad thing was, the first half of life, the quest was acceptance, identity and some form of purpose; all three of which I carried with me from birth. Then once I got in that locker room of sorts, all I wanted to do was get out! Sad but true. Shooting myself up with a needle was not at all pleasant, but the results was worth the risks at the time. Roulette more like it!

We all have them, that locker room that we want into. The team, the group, the click and in many cases the rewards out way the risks at the time. Only in the end, a life filled with regrets. For me, it took, family deaths, personal car accidents to get my attention. For you, I hope these words are a enough. It’s not worth it, take it from me. But hey, it’s not going to happen to you is it?”

Greg Patrick Ryan