Steven Covey writes, “Start with the end in mind.” I doubt if Bob the biggest loser trainer and host, was thinking this was his way of ending things. But, in the end, he and you may be the biggest losers of them all. You see, Bob the trainer dude, talked the talk, smiled at the camera’s, and played the TV game. Let’s even say Bob covered 95% of his basis, and even survived the heart attacks, which he has. The problem is, Bob’s broke. Bob did not plan on calling his TV career quits so soon. Bob, did not have the end in mind, financially, do you? Don’t want to give you a heart attack also, but you’re screwed. If you cannot count past fifteen reps I mean years, you’re toast.

You, the wellness professional, the one that is except from all, are one heart attack away, one broken bone, one client leaving you, one lawsuit away from the end. The end of your career and income as you know it. But, hey, I’ll deal with that if and when the time comes. You say! Great, what would you say if your very own client or patient said that? You would say something like, “Stupid is what stupid does!” Right? or maybe you would think well, “Thats a losers mentality!” Right? So who makes you except. Bob was at the top of the fitness world in most eyes, but do you even know Bobs last name now? Doubt it!

Start with the end in mind ~ Have an Exist Strategy!

Do you know what an exist strategy even is? Can you even fathom what five, ten, fifteen years will be down the road for you? An exist strategy is a plan when your body and mind burns out from wellness. It’s a plan for your family to do more things together and have a better quality of life. For heavens sake, you coach people, but cannot coach yourself. Hypocrisy sounds like to me. At twenty I knew at fifty where I would be in my life and career. I had a plan, vision, mission statement and EXIST STRATEGY. Did I always know the ways and means? Nope! Didn’t have to. I just knew sometime in my forties the plan would come together. Cannot say that for the 95% of the rest of you. Isn’t that, or this a little or a lot scary? Especially if you have a family? In my forties I looked for residual income streams, even in my profession that would sustain me if I got sick, wanted to retire or just take off a while. To me that’s a winners mentality verses the day to day on of a loser.

Hate to give you a heart attack, but your time is coming, like Bobs. Hopefully, not a heart attack, but a lesson hard learned that’s for sure. Proper planning prevents poor performance. And as a Wellness Coach of any kind, you owe it to your family and especially your clients to lead by example. If not, you could be the biggest loser of all time.

The Mentor

Here is how I did it!