Now look at this picture. Pretty stupid, wouldn’t you say? Jail cell open, but he doesn’t move. Kind of the Shawshank Redemption thing, ya think? Now picture this, that person is you standing there. Now what do you think? That would be even stupider if it were you, right? Guess what? It is you! It’s a metaphor of your life today. No way you say! Yes way, you pay! Everyday you get up and you argue for your limitations. In other words, excuses, complaints and point fingers fill your lives up. Hey, it’s much easier, right? Kind of likened to a professional student. Keep going to school in fear of getting out into the real world.

Remember Brooks in Shawshank Redemption? When he finally got out of jail he couldn’t handle freedom, so what did he do, he hung himself. No difference between you and Brooks, he was just out of his jail cell physically speaking. Most, hang themselves in the cell with the door open. Most institutionalize yourself in a prison of fake fear filled walls and you don’t even realize you are. Well maybe you do, and don’t care! Walking dead!

So, back to the picture. That’s you today! Standing there, in a prison of thoughts, dying a slow death of strangulation. You live in this prison cell of a life, afraid to stepping out, afraid of dreaming, hoping, wanting more than you have. That’s you, there in that picture. How stupid does that look? Think about it! No don’t think about it, just step.