14 Apr 2017
April 14, 2017

All is Well~ Living a Taxing Free Life!

Like most, Tax day is not always a Good Friday type of day for me. My entire thirty five year career has been on a commission, “If Come,” Faith base mindset. I know nothing else, nor would have it any other way. No persons has the right to tell me how much I am worth, period! My father the farmer never had a boss, nor would I. I even lived homeless so to speak in my jeep for months, because I made that promise to myself in my teenage years. Being self employed, even single these days with no dependents, makes for a very interesting, pain staking Tax filing year after year. And as this time of the year approaches, so does my usual resentment feelings.

Then about three months ago, it dawned on me. There was a time in my life I would have given anything to have to write a check to the IRS, and now today I can, and can with Peace. So, in Faith I upped my tithing, charity giving more than ever in my life. And promised myself and GOD Himself that I would stand on His promises (Malachi 3) and maybe as important have an Appreciative attitude more so than a resentful one. As today approached, I would be lying to say, my thoughts have not been fluid. Back and forth I have gone, happy, tense. Resentful, grateful. I could have wrote the tax check two weeks ago, but I made my mind up that I would not until my mind was pure on Appreciation.

This morning, in a great mental place I finished my work, signed, sealed and delivered; all with a smile and peace of gratefulness. Within ten minutes I received an email from a lady overseas that would like to hire me and my company to help her publish her books; a missionary. Which all but covers my tax check.

Living a taxing free life is about Faith, Appreciation and Forward Thinking!

Of course you would, GOD!

Greg Patrick Ryan