I’m Ready! Ready for what? Weight loss, new relationship, different career, change in attitude? We all say we are ready, but are we, truly? Words don’t teach, only life experiences do! You can say, “Im Ready” for a change or too change a thousand times, but, it’s only life that gets us truly ready for that leap. Desire? Sure! Belief, that’s an entire different feeling what so ever? So what’s it going to take for you to, you know, leap? You’ve had a burning desire in your soul for years even. But, somethings holding you back! Deep down in the oceans of your hearts and minds its Fear. Yet, you continue to swim with the sharks surrounded by this illusion that something will go drastically wrong if you do, leap!

The largest of sea creatures, the whale, feed on the smallest of fish to survive. And when they do feed, what makes them leap out of the water so effortlessly afterwords? Joy! The Joy that bridges their desire and belief in doing so. It’s all about the leap, an old friend told me once after we jumped out of an airplane at 10,000 feet up. Our leaps are never wrong for the path set before each and ever one of us! “I’m Ready!!” Are you? Are you truly ready for a change, a new adventure, a new way of living? No matter, the size of your ocean filled with current problems, circumstances or mind set, “Im Ready” the air between your past and future. The question is, “Are you?” Ready that is!

The Messenger