No doubt? Not sure that’s possible! We tend to believe what is, not what is to come. And when we do, doubt creeps in our lives. Living a life totally on Faith 24/7, maybe not, but we can recognize it when it does enter our homes of hearts. “How then do you get rid of doubting GOD, people and present circumstances? Before it starts! What?

The bible says, “You do not have, because you do not ask!” James 4:2 I Thess 5. also says, “Pray without ceasing!” But where does it say, “GOD is hard of hearing and you need to petition Him hundreds of times a day for the same thing?” Billy Graham throughout his entire spiritual journey would begin his day by meditating on one Proverb and two Psalms! Why? Proverbs is about petitioning, Psalms is about Praise.

How do you get rid of doubt? Praise more than petition! GOD hears us the first time we ask. ” We walk by Faith not by sight!” II Cor. The Bible says. We rid doubt by Praising Him ahead of time. We honor GOD by our Praise not so much the petition. How do you live a doubt – less life? Ask once, Praise Twice!