17 Mar 2013
March 17, 2013

A.D.D. Pay Attention, Suicide On The Rise

A.D.D. Pay Attention, “Suicide on the Rise!’

Glass half full or half empty! Either way, you get what you believe. I do not believe in making excuses for anything. When my physical body finally shut down from the years of an over revving emotional engine, I forced myself to checked under the hood. For me being diagnosed with ADHD, has been a blessing not a curse. Today I am FREE of all the doubt, insecurities, question of acceptance and fears that go along with such diseases. Today, while the world may see such as a handicap, I see them as blessings, teachable moments and ways to empower.

Fitness found me in my late teens before I was diagnosed and changed my life forever; exercise help channel the demons inside my head into a manageable state. With the discipline learned through weekly and even daily wellness programming, I learned to apply the same principle in keeping the car on the road. While the revved up engine in my head continued to purr I at least felt less out of control and quality of life appeared more often.

Suicide – Not an Option
Today with the help of medication, I see the world more in High Definition than low resolution. Have I ever had thoughts of suicide, no? But, I have many times considered some screw loose upstairs, and my friends would agree to that too. Honestly, Exercise, Bodybuilding, Eating effectively saved my life. It was just a matter of paying attention to what matters most in life.
Life is not fair at times, but each has its purpose. So no matter what comes your way it is a blessing not a curse, an opportunity not a burden, but maybe more important, it is a GIFT more than anything. Try getting daily exercise, a gift that keeps on giving.