Time! The most precious of all commodities! Some cherish it, others dispose it, like the weekly garbage. The truth, one shot, one relatively short moment in time we have. The question for all is, “Why do you wait until the threat of it (life) being taking to do something significant? Peel the onion back and you find pure denial. For whatever reason we come to believe, “It will not happen to me!” Really? Dangerous thinking, don’t you think! Turning ones back on time, when time keeps coming opens up the chance of being run over, or over taken.

Knowing we have one shot at life, begs adventure, wonderment, joy in the soul. Not knowing our future but embracing it, being eager for it, brings a Peace in the midst of uncertainty. Living in the past on the contrary brings only strife and burdensome experiences. Living on only what we know, snuffles out the kid like excitement we all innately have in our souls. Living life in Peace of the present but eagerness of the future requires Faith, yes! And Faith brings life to us. For when we do so, it is our Path that comes to us. The hourglass of time, does not stop of anything, and hope is the stronger than any Fear. The greatest of all gifts we could give ourselves is not the sin of turning ones back on time.

The Messenger