Up until a few years ago, there was not the technology to do so. But today, there is and no more slack will I cut to all the personal trainers or so called coaches out there. First do you know what oxidative stress is? Do you know what free radical damage is? Do you know what causes free radical damage and high levels of oxidative stress? Do you know the two main sources of disease are? Do you know the true health test of your clients and its not Body Fat, BMI, Blood Pressure, CO2 Max or even Cholesterol? If you do not know the answers to the above, then I will ruffle your feathers when I say, “You are not a true Personal Trainer/Health Coach or any other name you want to call yourself. Ouch! Go ahead, make a hissy fit, temper tantrum, nows the time to do so, because the truth and proof is coming next.

All the above are bio markers, not true health tests. People may be fit, but they are a sure far way off of being healthy. People may have low body fat, blood pressure levels and so forth, yet their free radical damage is through the roof, making way for disease. Poor Bob, the trainer for the biggest loser. Heart attack in his early 50’s. Fit, most would say so, healthy, obviously not. High levels of free radical damage, number 1 cause of heart disease. Again, I”ll cut you a little slack for not having the technology or education, but now you do. So don’t come to me anymore and tell me you are a personal trainer, coach with all this certification, when they don’t even teach this stuff in nutrition or medical school or certification programs.

90% or more will fail this test!

  1. What is Oxidative Stress/Free Radicals?
  2. What is the two main source of disease?
  3. What causes free radical damage?
  4. What are Anti Oxidants?
  5. What is the most accurate biomarker testing method?

I’m not here to bash the individual, I’m here to shine the light on the truth, disease management and prevention is all part of being a coach, not just holding a clip board! Any person can count to fifteen, take a blood pressure reading and pinch a caliber on a bicep. In turn anyone can call themselves a coach of some sort. But, that’s just not accurate, debate it all you want in your own mind. Not for open discussion in mine. This is science, true science, true health reading. So you want to call yourself a true health coach. Then learn the answer to those questions above!

Now once you see the following video, you will first, think I am here to sell you something. Nope! I could care less about what company it is, it’s the technology I am educating people on. So get over your ego and educate yourself on how to test for free radical damage. Eight one clinical, fifty peer reviews and over hundred PHD and close to hundred institutions including Stanford know a little about a technology called, “Raman Spectropathy.” So I will take their word for it over your broke opinion. What the two videos and see how I added six figures to my profit by using this technology in my practice.

Now go back and learn the answer to those five questions and incorporate that into your business. And then call yourself a true health coach!

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